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"Dears, I am writing to you to express my admiration for your online order services! Every time I get my order is like I get a gift box!"

Farah Matar

"Dear Team, Just to say thank you for delivering my order to me on Thursday evening. The fruit and veg is great as always. Many thanks again."

Caoimhe Cahalan

"Hi guys!, Just ordered first time from your new system and WOW! It's great! Thank you for making your service even easier. 😁"

Susan Percival

"Received my first delivery yesterday. Ordered at 2pm and received my delivery at home by 6pm. Fantastic service, good quality food & good value for money."

Emma Dubois

"I've been a Kibsons's customer for a good. Overall the quality, price & service have been fantastic. "

Sally Dewhurst

"Excellent quality, great service!! I am very very impressed with the level of commitment and disciple they show in packing and delivery."

Selma Amm


Quality Policy

The distribution facilities of Kibsons International have been designed and maintained to reflect our organizations commitment to Cold Chain Management.

Kibsons is HACCP approved (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) which provides further transparency in our quality. Our operations across our multiple sales points, cold store facilities, meat processing factory and refrigerated distribution fleet are supported by state of the art equipment and technology along with the following accreditation.

At the recent Ajman Food Safety forum 2016, Kibsons International was one of the first 26 companies in Ajman to receive an award for level 5 Food Safety Standards. Also Sandile Ashley, Production Manager at Kibsons International LLC has recently been selected for the first ever Ajman Food Safety Committee.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 Environment Management
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management
  • ISO 22000 (including HACCP) Food Safety Management

ISO 9001 Quality Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

FESF is a non-profit educational volunteer organization established in Pakistan since 1984. FESF’s primary focus is their Deaf Reach Schools and training centers which offer academic and vocational skills training for deaf children, teenagers and young adults in urban and rural areas.

Since 1996, Heart to Heart has continued in its commitment to improving the quality of life of the Palestinian people. Through working together with like-minded partners, to date Heart to Heart has conducted 400 edutainment and youth training programs for approximately ¼ million Palestinian children.

Family Care Lebanon (FCL) is a charitable association founded in Lebanon in 1998. FCL is staffed by local and international volunteers, and collaborates with the business community and like-minded institutions to implement projects that make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of those in need.

Building Blocks is committed to breaking the poverty cycle in India by providing free, quality, safe and fun-filled kindergarten education and nutritious meals to slum children, which enables them to enter good English medium schools.

The Ranjan Project is a skill building program which empowers less privileged youth by training them in skills that can enable them to become employable and provide them with a bridge to future success. The program focuses on youth from weaker socio-economic backgrounds who are hampered by inaccessibility to resources and facilities that enable them to learn skills critical to find and retain gainful employment in the competitive workplace environment.

Anything for a Smile focuses on using clown animation and music and art therapy to cheer young patients and children suffering from leukemia. The program is currently being implemented on a weekly basis in nine university hospitals throughout the country.