Kibsons Cares

Kibsons home delivery was established to make healthy food options conveniently available to UAE families at an affordable price. Our vision is to make ‘healthy eating easy’.

More importantly, we also believe that our point of difference is ethical, sustainable and responsible sourcing.

We strive to bring healthier, safer, clean-label and more eco-friendly products to the community and aspire to build a brand that prides itself on quality, transparency, sustainability and giving back to the community.

Sustainable Grocery Shopping

You asked, we heard: we are so thrilled to announce our sustainability initiatives that will proudly make Kibsons your choice for ‘Sustainable Grocery Shopping’.

Water – Our new water recycling plant is on track to recycle more than 75% of the water we use to keep our demanding cold storage facility up and running.

Electricity – Our solar panel project (spanning over our 130,000 sq mtr facility) is expected to save electricity consumption by more than 25% on average annually (and by more than 50% in winter months).

Fuel – Our bio fuel additives for our refrigerated fleet are expected to improve our overall fuel efficiency (km/ltr) by more than 20% which will help to significantly decrease of carbon emissions.

Plastic – More than 90% of all plastic at our facility is recycled.