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Unsalted Butter


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Soft, creamy, unmistakably fresh and ever-so-slightly aromatic, Lurpak® has a distinctive taste, which has become a modern classic and kitchen staple. At our dairy we use about 4 liters of organic fresh milk for every 200 grams of Lurpak® butter. The fresh and creamy flavor of the butter unfolds during baking and frying, making it the perfect companion for good food. Lurpak® butter emphasizes the taste experience regardless of which food it is combined with Why, you ask? Simply because….Good Food Deserves Lurpak® The delicious milk used in Lurpak products is free from hormones and antibiotics. In line with European standards, Lurpak farmers do not give hormones to their cows to increase the amount of milk they produce. The cows do fine on their own, and when they’re well fed and looked after, they will each produce 25-30 litres of high quality, nutritious milk every day. If a cow does get sick and requires antibiotics, it is immediately separated from the heard and treated accordingly

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