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Camel Breakfast Sausages


32.00 / Pack

250g - 5 Pieces


"All the meat products offered are Halal"      

We are proud to introduce the very delicious Camel meat products from Golden Ibil. Golden Ibil is UAE’s No.1 & Best Camel Meat Products Manufacturer & Supplier. They follow the Islamic standards of slaughter making their products 100% Halal & 100% made in the UAE. It Helps in Maintain an active and beautiful physic, known to reduce the risk of tumors and other illness. Maintains a Healthy Heart and promotes healthy bones.



Frozen Items should be stored at a temperature of minus 18°C or colder.

UAE Government Inspected and approved Halal Camel Meat, Water, Salt, Plant- Based Protein (SOY) (10%), Natural Spices, Parsley. Zero Added Hormones, No Added Antibiotics, No chemicals, Zero Added Preservatives, GMO Free.