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Mini Grissini - 25g

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FeelFIT Protein Nut & Go is a protein cream with hazelnuts and mini grissini Italian breadsticks with no added sugar and no palm oil.

A unique combination of a nut cream with a mini grissini - the appetizing protein cream with Proteinella hazelnuts has been joined by delicious, crunchy mini grissini baked in Italy! Now you can enjoy this sensual snack wherever you want by dipping crunchy fingers in a chocolatey cream!

A delicious snack without remorse because FeelFIT Protein Nut & Go to Nutella & Go in a healthy version - no palm oil and no added sugar. Delicious chocolate hazelnut cream can be eaten directly from the box with crispy grissini breadsticks.

FeelFIT Protein Nut & Go is a delicious protein snack that consists of a chocolate hazelnut cream and crunchy sticks enclosed in a separate container, which can be dipped in a delicious cream.

Store in a cool & dry place

Cream, sweetener: maltitol, vegetable fats (shea, rapeseed), protein blend 17% (whey protein concentrate (from milk), skim milk powder), 10% hazelnuts, 8% reduced fat cocoa, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins, aromas Bread, wheat flour, sunflower oil, malt (barley, corn), salt, yeast Allergens: milk, hazelnuts, wheat (gluten); may contain other nuts

Description Per 100g/ml Per Serving Measure % NRVper Serving
Energy 115 Kcal
Fat 6.5 g
Protein 4 g
Salts 0.22 g
Saturated Fat 0.88 g
Sugar 0.8 g
Carbohydrates 13 g

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