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Chicken Thighs


15.50 / Pack

500g - SkinOn


"All the meat products offered are Halal"

Al Khazna Chicken are 100% vegetarian fed with no hormone added and antibiotic free. We pride ourselves certified with Food Hygiene safety, ISO & 100% Halal compliant. With our Farm strategically located in the green Oasis of Al Ain, Al Khazna Chicken can be delivered fresh every day to your door step with Kibsons.com so that you can live a healthy lifestyle with your loved ones. Fresh chicken products are packed with latest technology MAP packs to preserve longer shelf life and intact freshness. (SkinOn/BoneIn) (5 - 6 Pcs)

Use within 48 hrs of delivery for the best results. Store in right temperature and use before expiry date or immediately after opening. Temperature and storage details are available on the pack. In case of complaint please contact to Customer Care within 24 hrs.