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Malline Hearts


204.75 / Box

25PCs - 192g

New Product
This signature box is a veritable guided tour of the Maison’s finest products. A journey of the senses that involves pure ganaches, crunchy pralines and – of course – our iconic heart-shaped chocolate “Cœurs”. Each creation is made with carefully sourced ingredients at our Atelier, or workshop, where 80 exceptional artisans bring to bear all their passion and expertise.


Sugar, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cream milk powder, marzipan (contains: almonds), almonds, hazelnuts, cream, raspberry pulp, butter, feuilletine (contains: gluten, wheat, barley, soy, milk, lactose), lactose, invert sugar, glucose, walnuts, pistachios, sorbitol, glycerine, dextrose, coffee, raspberry vinegar, soy lecithin without GMO, natural vanilla, salt, kaffir lime zests, grapeseed oil

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