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14.00 / Pack

Cheese & Taurine - 75g

New Product

Made with a soft yoghurt-like texture, Webbox lick-e-Lix with Cheese and Taurine are the totally unique treat for your cat. Feed as a tasty treat, use as a topping or disguise crushed up tablets for your cat. These tasty and nutritious sachets make the perfect daily treat that your cat will simply adore! Like you, we love pets. We enjoy their every quirk and the way they see the world — unlike us, they live completely in the now. 

A snooze in the sun or a ball to be fetched, every moment is full, and many of them are hilarious. That’s what makes pets such a joy. We make toys that surprise and excite, treats that

tantalise taste buds and deliciously nutritious food so

that all pets have the vitality to play.

We look at the world from a pet’s point of view so that we can understand what they want, not just what they need, so they can get more joy out of every single moment.

Store in cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight. Once open store in an airtight container and use within 48 hours. 

Meat and Animal Derivatives (26%), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Milk and Milk Derivatives (4% Cheese), Oils and Fats.

Crude Protein   4 %

Crude Fat   3.5 %    

Crude Fibre   0.2 %

Crude Ash   2 %

Moisture   87 %

Calorie Content  8.5kcal per sachet


Additives:  Nutritional Additives (per Kg): Amino Acids: Taurine 200mg. 

• No artificial preservatives or colours

• Wheat free recipe

• Grain free recipe

• Kitten friendly

• No added sugar

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