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20.00 / Piece

Eco Friendly Fishing Rod

New Product

Aimé is a brand that makes it a point of honor to meet the requirements of all pet owners. Whether for your dogs, cats, birds or fish, you can find from the brand everything you need to please them.

This ecological toy, will be completed for your cat. In the shape of fishing rod, your cat is going to adore going hunting, running and jumping after this new toy. Made with natural products, it games is environment-friendly, and of your cat. 

Made with cataire, it will be attracted by the smell of the catmint. 

With its sober design, your cat can go hunting, and play outside and inside. 

Easy to tidy up, by its small size, this toy is inescapable for your companion. You can hang on it easily thanks to a catcher, easy to put wherever. 

You can take it during your journeys, with you, it is advisable in all the cats, of the laziest in the most sports. 

The shape of fishing rod, allows to share a passion between you, and your animal of company.

Store in a cool and dry place, not for child


Burlap, natural cotton fibers, sisal, feathers

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