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15.00 / Piece

Laser Game

New Product

Aimé is a brand that makes it a point of honor to meet the requirements of all pet owners. Whether for your dogs, cats, birds or fish, you can find from the brand everything you need to please them.

This laser pointer for cat, is perfect for these moments of games.

With a red ship, he will love and will be enthusiastic to be able to run after this light, jump and follow it anywhere.

You will be able to play together, and you will have pleasure to see him let off steam after this light.

Inoffensive for your cat, it will be focused on this games, and glad to be able to hunt out and inside with this laser.

This game is perfect, to have a good time with your cat.



This laser emits a light that will track and track your cat. 3 LR44 batteries included.

Power <1mWatts

Store in a cool and dry place, not for child

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