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Dryer Egg Refills


50.50 / Pack

Spring Blossom - 40 Dries

Vegan Produce
Pack consists of 4 fragrance sticks.
After about 40 dries, you may wish to replace the fragrance sticks inside the dryer eggs. Simply push the new sticks into the larger end of the dryer egg, which will push the old stick out. Dispose of the used stick in your general waste.

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Pack consists of 4 fragrance sticks. Ecoegg dryer egg fragrance sticks contain glycerol monostearate and perfume. 1. Push the fragrance stick (white cap end first) into the bottom (wider part) of the dryer egg. 2. Push the fragrance stick all the way up inside the dryer egg. It will slip into place. 3. If there is already a fragrance stick inside the dryer egg, it will be pushed out of the top of the dryer egg.

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