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25.00 / Piece

Litter Deodorant - 700ml

New Product

Aimé is a brand that makes it a point of honor to meet the requirements of all pet owners. Whether for your dogs, cats, birds or fish, you can find from the brand everything you need to please them.

This cat litter deodorizer, marine, will be perfect to destroy the bad smells associated with your friend's 4-legged toilet.

Easy to put in place, you can put it in the bottom of the litter box, and on the surface.

It will not attack your cat, and is of 100% natural origin. It is guaranteed asbestos-free.

It destroys the odors coming from your companion's litter,

And leaves a mild marine scent. You will be delighted to no longer bear these odors

 Available with various perfumes.



Sprinkle the bottom of the empty litter box before pouring the desired amount of bedding over it.

Then sprinkle the surface to complete the protection. Repeat if necessary.

Close the bottle well and store in a dry place.

Store in a cool and dry place,  away from children's sight and reach

100% mineral base (silicon dioxide, calcium oxide) guaranteed without asbestos

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