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59.00 / Piece

Odour Remover Spray - 500ml

New Product

Aimé is a brand that makes it a point of honor to meet the requirements of all pet owners. Whether for your dogs, cats, birds or fish, you can find from the brand everything you need to please them.

This anti-odor destructor is perfect for capturing and destroying the bad odors of your cat's litter or rodent.

This product contains a bacterial culture, which helps to destroy unpleasant odors.

For a long lasting effect, this product remains environmentally friendly.

Easy to use, you can spray it over your friend's litter box.

You will be happy to no longer smell the unpleasant odors, related to your companion's litter.

It will not aggress your cat, and will allow you to smell a light, discrete smell of spring.

Store in a cool and dry place,  away from children's sight and reach

Bacterial culture, surfactants, perfume, preservatives

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