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Supreme Har Kao


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Revel in the shrimps' mild-sweet flavour and firm texture when you bite into our plump and juicy Supreme Har Kao. Its crystal skin strikes a delicate balance between thin and thick - thin enough for the filling to shine through without becoming flaccid, and yet thick enough to secure the stuffing while sealing its natural sweetness.

Keep frozen at -18°C. Do not refreeze thawed products.

SHRIMP [43%], WHEAT STARCH [18%], TAPIOCA STARCH [14%], BAMBOO SHOOT [8%], SOYBEAN OIL [8%], POTATO STARCH [5%], SALT [1%], SUGAR [1%], YEAST EXTRACT [0.6%], SESAME OIL [0.5%], EGG WHITE POWDER [0.5%] AND WHITE PEPPER [0.4%] For allergens, see ingredients in BOLD.

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