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Eco friendly - 1 litre

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SHIELDme is a super oxidized water with HOCl, certified formula by FDA in 2002 as a high-level disinfectant. It is the most potent disinfectant known and HOCl occurs naturally in the human immune system to fight bacteria and viruses.  SHIELDme is a powerful natural and organic disinfectant against all pathogens and safe for, adults, newborn babies, pregnant women, and pets. 

SHIELDme kills 99.99% Viruses, Bacteria,  Fungi, Mold within 30 seconds. SHIELDme is an Organic Active Surface Agent, 100% Natural & Eco-friendly. SHIELDme is Safe for humans, No health Hazards, and Non Irritant to Skin. SHIELDme contains No Alcoholic, is non-flammable, and Safe for Environment.

Room Temperature, Avoid Direct Sunlight.
Before opening the bottle, it is valid to be used efficiently untill the expiry date mentioned on the bottle. Once the bottle is opened, validity of unused solution is upto 60 days.
Eye contact: Flush eyes with water and seek medical attention if needed

(160-200 PPM) Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) in buffered saline solution

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