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19.50 / Piece

Carrot - 24cm

New Product

Aimé is a brand that makes it a point of honor to meet the requirements of all pet owners. Whether for your dogs, cats, birds or fish, you can find from the brand everything you need to please them.

This new vinyl toy is perfect for your dog's leisure. With its original and attractive carrot shape, it will please you as much as your 4 legged companion. It allows your dog to take care of his fangs.

Your dog will be able to have a carrot to chew, all day long and of good quality. Fun for your dog, it will not stop playing with.

Solid, your companion will be able to bite, throw and throw his new toy anywhere and anytime. Thanks to its small size, it will be easy to store and carry with you.

This game is suitable for dogs of all sizes, and of any age. This toy will be perfect to protect your hairy friend's teeth. He can play while taking care of his teeth. Height: 24 cm

Store in a cool and dry place, not for child


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