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Freakin’ Healthy Hamper


135.00 / Hamper

21 Assorted Snacks

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The health movement has reached the Middle East, but it comes with an elitist badge that alienates the majority. Freakin’ Healthy is targeting the many who have the intention to choose healthier options yet are intimidated by the choices because they don’t understand them.

There is a need for a brand that doesn’t get categorized as “hipster food” and invites even the hardest of cynics because it talks their language.

Ambient temperature. Between 18°c to 24°c

The Ultimate Collection of Guilt-Free, Healthy Treats by Freakin’ Healthy!
...with bigger, tastier, and even harder to resist treats, this hamper is sure to delight!

You could say, it is kind of a "BIG DEAL"!
 What’s inside?
• 4 x Superfood bars (flavours inc: Goji Berry and Almond, Tart Cherry and Cashew, Matcha Green Tea and Lemon and Raw Cacao and Chia Seed) – 40g
• 1 x Real Food Bar (flavours inc: Apple Pie) – 40g
• 4 x Raw Chocolate Bars (flavours inc: Plain, Goji Berries, Toasted Coconut and Cacao Nibs) – 40g
• 3 x Nut Butter Bites (flavours inc: Hazelnut Butter, Peanut Butter and Coconut Butter) – 80g
• 3 x Protein Balls (flavours inc: Raw Chocolate, Almond Coconut and Choco Hazelnut) – 60g
• 3 x Snack Bars (flavours inc: Peanut Butter, Raw Choco Brownie and Choco Almond) – 25g
• 3 x Fruity Star Jellies (flavours inc: Strawberry, Raspberry and Apple) – 21g

Our Promise:
Just in case you're wondering, you’ll only find real quality ingredients inside each product. Plus:
• No nasties.
• Vegan, Naturally Gluten Free and No added refined sugar.

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