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Tempura Flour


2.50 / Pack

Hot & Spicy - 100 g

Vegan produce
Gogi tempura flour is the most favorite flour in Thai kitchen in making battered food. It can be used to make all types of vegetables, meat and seafood especially shrimp, which are delicious deep-fried in this tempura batter. Pork, chicken and beef are popular as well as prawns and sliced vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin etc. There is the option similar to the Japanese way of cooking with tempura and that is to make battered ice cream. To prepare Gogi Tempura batter, simply mix with cold water, dip vegetables or meat into the batter and fry in hot oil, this allows it to be light and fluffy as well as very crispy. Detailed instruction are given on the package. For extra flavor, try adding Maggi Seasoning Sauce. GOGI Tempura flour flavor hot & spicy Thai style. Just add cold water to the package. Use this batter mixture for fried shrimp tempura, fish, various seafood, or vegatables of your choice. Very light and crispy! One package per serving. Easy directions are on the back of each package.

Store in cool and dry place

Wheat Flour 57% Rice Flour 17% Tapioca Starch 8% Spicy Powder 4.5% Modified Starch 4% Corn Starch 3% Baking Powder 3 %(( E 450) Sodium acid pyrophosphate, (E 500) Sodium bicarbonate Salt 2% Other 1.5% ((E 621) Monosodium Glutamate)

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