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Christmas Gift Box


126.00 / Box

Over 15 Activities

New Product

Making memories! Christmas decoration DIY kits for a season for family, holiday and fun.

Pre-order now and schedule your free delivery on 15th December or 16th December.

Christmas Ultimate Box Contains:

Felt Trees, Felt Socks, Acrylic Jewel 2D, Pom poms, Stickers -Silver Stars, Stickers –Gold Dots, Stickers – Stars, Star Sequince Gold 20Mm, Star Sequince Red 20Mm, Buttons Asst. Colours & Designs, White Glue 60G, Styro Foam Stars, Craft Sticks Coloured, Natural Craft Sticks, Primary Painting Pot Type1 (Standard Colours), Paint Brush Chubby Handle-Individual, Clay Molder - Star Design, A4 Card 220Gsm Green, A4 Card 220Gsm Red, Metallic Pom Pom, Sequins Gold Angel-Small Pack, Crown Metallic Bordette Rolls-Green, Crown Metallic Bordette Rolls-Red, Icicle Crown Metallic Bordette Rolls-white and green, Snow Flakes Small Pack - 50G, Christmas Feathers, Christmas Stars, 1/2 Inch Satin Ribbon 36Y-Red ,1/2 Inch Satin Ribbon 36Y-Dark Green, 1/2 Inch Tissue Ribbon 36Y-Gold

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