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Soft Brush

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In 1880, our activity for animals began with a seeds factory in the heart of Burgundy. Concerned about the well-being of the animals, we specialize over the years in animal hygiene and care.

Listening: we take your needs and those of your companion into account

 Pedagogue: we support you in finding the product you need and make our expertise accessible

 Pragmatic: we make your daily life easier to live well together

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Slicker brush Cat STEP 1: UNTANGLING. Use daily to maintain the coat quickly, gently detangles the hair Retrieves and retains dead hair and undercoat. Ergonomic, light rubber handle, and solid with its stainless steel pins; Brush in the hair direction. Remove dead hairs after each use Suitable for short, long, medium-length and thick hairs.  For any animal its coat represents the best protection against external aggression. Vétocanis brushes helps you care for the coat each day.  STEP 1: Untangling STEP 2: Brushing. STEP 3: Finishing. (cutting the nails, hair around the ears and eyes, massaging ... ) DID YOU KNOW? Stroking and brushing a cat lowers its blood pressure!

Store in a cool and dry place,  away from children's sight and reach

Stainless steel, ABS, TPR

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