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Carded Brush Small Size

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In 1880, our activity for animals began with a seeds factory in the heart of Burgundy. Concerned about the well-being of the animals, we specialize over the years in animal hygiene and care.

Listening: we take your needs and those of your companion into account

 Pedagogue: we support you in finding the product you need and make our expertise accessible

 Pragmatic: we make your daily life easier to live well together

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Soft Brush Cat. STEP 2: BRUSH. Soft, supple nylon bristles brush to polish and smooth cat's coat. Retains the last dead hairs. Daily and quickly groom the pet fur.  Ergonomic and solid handle in rubber. Brush in the hair direction. Remove dead hair after each use. Suitable for short, medium-length, long and thick hairs. For any animal its coat represents the best protection against external aggression. Vétocanis brushes helps you care for the coat each day.  STEP 1: Untangling STEP 2: Brushing. STEP 3: Finishing. (cutting the nails, hair around the ears and eyes, massaging ... )DID YOU KNOW? Stroking and brushing a cat lowers its blood pressure!

Store in a cool and dry place,  away from children's sight and reach

TPR, ABS, Nylon

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