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Raw Wildflower Honey


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A raw poly-floral honey from the nectar of various fragrant wildflowers in the Yemeni Hadramout mountains. Light amber in colour, with a pouring consistency, this is light, fragrant and richly floral raw honey. It is a powerful immune system booster, suitable for children and moisturises and nourishes the skin. Blossom Honey specialises in supplying top quality 100% raw honey in the UAE, with the best nutritional value, health benefits and superior taste. We work with only the best beekeepers – true artisans with a rich heritage – in Yemen and rural parts of Central Asia, as well as here in Dubai. Our honey is completely unprocessed, untreated and organic; full of natural enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants - just as the bees made it! This differentiates it from other more commercial honey, which often contains additional sugars, and has usually been heat-treated so is less likely to contain the natural health benefits associated with organic raw honey.

Store below 25 degree celsius

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