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Dairy Free Ice Cream


27.25 32.00 / Pack

Chocolate/Almond - 500ml


Nobo uses the finest bittersweet Kenyan cocoa and lightly toast whole almonds to give a lovely textured crunch. Finally, Nobo added a touch of Irish Atlantic sea Salt to finish off this ultra rich, decadent chocolate ice cream alternative.

Store at -18 degrees

cocoa powder, toasted almonds, irish sea salt, honey, coconut milk, avocado, water.

Description Per 100g/ml Per Serving Measure % NRVper Serving
CARBOHYDRATES Per 100ml 13.4 g
ENERGY Per 100ml 191.1 Kcal
FAT Per 100ml 14.0 g
PROTEIN Per 100ml 2.9 g
Salts Per 100ml 0.27 g
SUGAR Per 100ml 12.9 g

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