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Low Cal Ice Cream


26.25 32.75 / Pack

Cinnamon Roll - 473ml


A Cinnamon Roll pint of ice cream with real chunks of cinnamon roll dough for only 360 calories per pint sounds too good to be true. It exists in this dairy form, which also happens to have 20 grams of protein and be low in sugar, carbs, and fat.

Milk, eggs, cinnamon roll dough (6%) (wheat flour, sugar, cream cheese [pasteurized cultured milk and cream, salt], powdered sugar [sugar, corn starch], palm oil, water, eggs, white rice flour, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, salt), sweetener (erythritol), dietary fibre, milk protein concentrate, cream, organic cane sugar, emulsifier (vegetable glycerin), cinnamon swirl (sugar, water, brown sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon, butter, nonfat dry milk, corn starch, salt, natural flavour), sea salt, natural flavours, cinnamon, organic stabiliser (carob bean gum, guar gum), organic sweetener (steviol glucosides (stevia)).

Allergen Information

Contains Eggs, Contains Milk, Contains Wheat

Description Per 100g/ml Per Serving Measure % NRVper Serving
CALORIES per 100 ml 76 kcal
CARBOHYDRATES per 100 ml 15 g
PROTEIN per 100 ml 4 g
Salts per 100 ml .026 g
SUGAR per 100 ml 6.8 g

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