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Rosewater - 500ml

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The delicate flavour that comes from using real rosewater is released in this decadent, smooth and extremely creamy ice cream. It is beautiful on its own but make an extra special dessert by serving it with fresh peaches and pistachio nuts.
Using milk straight from the farm and adding only the freshest locally sourced double cream and egg, Granny Gothards have a wonderful formula for this amazing additive free and totally natural ice cream that is pasture to pot in just a few hours.
Established in 2012 in Devon, UK, the aim of owner Amanda Stansfield is to create a range of ice creams that are totally different to those readily available in the marketplace.

Store at -18°C

MILK, CREAM, EGG yolk, Rosewater Paste (Glucose Syrup, Beetroot Red (E162) Curcumin (E100), Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Dextrose, MILK Protein, Locust Bean Gum, Salt

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