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Dried Cooking Leaves


4.75 / Pack


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Perfect to balance Curries and soups. Bring an exotic flavour to all dishes.

deSIAM is a leading producer of authentic Thai-cuisine food products. It produces a wide range of spice mixes, Thai-flavorings, authentic Thai sauces, and a wide variety of ready-to-cook Thai recipes.

Spice up your menu with vibrant Thai flavours. deSIAM is a premium range of Thai ingredients that takes your taste buds on an authentic and fragrant flavour journey across Thailand.

Restaurant quality at a fraction of the price. Quick and simple recipes which are ready in minutes, ideal for busy schedules. Spend less time cooking but without compromising taste.

·         Easy-to-use authentic meal kits

·         Premium sauces, spices and pastes for Thai food lovers

Store in a cool dry place.

Dried KaffirLime Leaves

Allergens: no allergen

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