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Baby Spinach


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Aquaponically Grown - 100g

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Your sustainably-grown superfood: Our Healthy Farm Aqua Baby Spinach is grown in water without soil and is "more natural than organic" and pesticide-free. In our state of the art Aquaponic farm here in the Emirates, we produce locally and sustainably as our farm uses 90% less water and we grow 6 times more produce per square foott compared to traditional farming methods. More importantly, you enjoy a nutrient-packed superfood full of Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin K and other vitamins and nutrients. Add it to your juices, smoothies and shakes or add it to any other meal .

We consider our Aqua Baby Spinach "More natural Than Organic" because it grows in our aquaponic, organic process certified farm. The  Spinach grows in water  in a controlled system with no interferences from environmental, exogenous factors. Our Aqua Baby Spinach is always fresh and juicy because it grows in water and is harvested early in the morning. Our Healthy Farm Aqua Spinach is pesticide - free and a rich source of Vitamin A, containing more than 100% of the recommended daily value. It also contains more than 100% of the Vitamin K daily value and 30% of Vitamin C, as tested and verified by independent, accredited laboratories.