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Earth Mix Lettuce


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Badia Farms is the first local high-tech indoor farm in the Gulf and the Middle East region that produces high quality fruits and vegetables year-round and prompts a farm to table business model to improve freshness, taste and shelf life. Badia salad blend is a combination between Badia Farms' different varieties of locally produced lettuces and micro herbs offering an intense aromatic flavor, concentrated nutrient content, and a variety of colors, textures and taste to give the best salad experience and flavor. It is having Zero Preservatives and Zero Packing gases hence Badia Farms lettuces and micro herbs are rich in nutrients, containing larger amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants compared to their imported counterparts. • Healthy and fresh • Pesticide free • Preservative free • Farm to table experience • Delivers the freshest produce on the shelves within hours after harvest. • Washed and ready to enjoy

Keep refrigerated until consumption. For best taste and quality, consume within 3 days from purchase. Seal bag after consumption and place in refrigerator for storage.

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