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Veal Bone Broth/Stock


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Roasted for 12 hours - 500g

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*Halal Certified

"Purestock by Bone Roasters delivers 100% all natural Veal Stocks and Veal Jus and straight to your pantry. You can now create with the same restaurant quality, all natural Stocks and Jus used by chefs worldwide who rely on our food service range for their kitchens. The home range is just packaged in small usable pouches that are shelf stable* for the home gourmet requiring no refrigeration until opened. This veal stock is classically crafted and full in flavour. There are no colourings or additives in our products, they are all 100% natural. Simmered for 12 hours and filtered to a clean and clear stock, this makes it ideal for braising, soups, and risottos. Our Veal Stock is up to 6 times more concentrated than other beef or veal stocks available in supermarkets and food stores, so 500 grams goes a long way."

These products are shelf stable and must be refrigerated after opening.

"Ingredients: Veal Bones, Fresh mirepoix*, (carrot, celery, onions) garlic, thyme, mushrooms, bay leaves, peppercorns and tomato paste. * What is Mirepoix? Although mirepoix sounds impressive (it’s pronounced, meer-pwah), it’s actually just a term for three commonly-used vegetables: carrots, celery, and onions."

Description Per 100g/ml Per Serving Measure % NRVper Serving
CALORIES 48cal 12cal
ENERGY 201kj 50kj
FAT 0.1g 0g
PROTEIN 9.7g 2.4g
Sodium 207mg 52mg
SUGAR 1.9g 0.15g

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