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Low Fat Milk


21.00 / Bottle



Organiliciouz is the only local, fresh, certified organic dairy in the UAE. Their range of fresh milk, laban and yoghurt is unique and unlike many commercial products found on supermarket isles. Try them now to taste their difference! Unique selling points: • Certified organic • Ultra-pasteurized • Produced from grass-fed, pure Jersey cows • Much richer, creamier and full bodied than regular milk with higher amounts of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids • Non – homogenized, which means the butterfat molecules in Organiliciouz milk are left in their natural state, unlike most commercially processed dairy products. Healthy, delicious cream may therefore separate and rise to the top of the bottle/tub • A2 grade containing significantly more A2 milk proteins than most commercially available milks.

These are high protein pasturized milk and recommendad not to boil the milk and not to add any other ingredient to it. 


Keep refrigerated (4°C or below)

100% Full fat organic pure and pasteurized cow's milk produced from fresh organic raw milk

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