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Soy Milk (Frothy)


13.50 / pack

For Coffee Lovers - 1 ltr

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Water, decorticated No GMO soya seeds of Italian Origin (6.5%), Whole cane sugar,natural identical cream flavor,sea salt,stabilizer: gellan gum,gluten free.

Description Per 100g/ml Per Serving Measure % NRVper Serving
CARBOHYDRATES Per 100ml 2.70 g 1%
ENERGY Per 100ml 179 KJ 2%
FAT Per 100ml 2.2 g 3%
PROTEIN Per 100ml 3.30 g 7%
Salts Per 100ml 0.10g 2%
SATURATED FAT Per 100ml 0.50 g 3%
Sodium Per 100ml 2.5%
SUGAR Per 100ml 2.20 g
UNSATURATED FAT Per 100ml 0.01 g

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