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Doner Grilled Meatballs


39.00 / Pack

Beef - 500g

Grilled meatballs, in which ground Hala beef is blended with various spices and transformed into a delicious paste, it becomes one of the most ideal foods for elaborate meals you can prepare with your family or friends.

Grilled meatballs, which you can prepare quickly with a short cooking time and consume with pleasure, can be made ready to eat by cooking in a pan, on the barbecue or on the grill. Butcher's meatballs, which stand out as one of the indispensable meals of crowded tables, with their hearty taste and appetizing smell, are also very suitable for various side dishes and salads. The product, which can also be consumed as a snack, is also very rich in protein.

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Ingredients: Beef, Beef Fat, Onion, Salt, Bread, Spice Mixture. *Allergen: It may include trace amount fine white flour.

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