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Mineral Water


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4 x 750ml

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A gift of Nature: Badoit emerges naturally sparkling at its spring.
Badoit sources its water beneath the small town of Saint-Galmier, located in the Loire Region of Southern France, at the foot of Mount Forez. Badoit Natural Mineral Water begins its long journey 153 metres below ground through granite soil that naturally endows it with native carbon dioxide gas.
As it journeys through various mineralogical strata, it acquires its sparkle, finesse and unique mineral properties. It springs forth at a constant temperature of 16°C to give us the hydrating properties and trace elements that make it so rich: magnesium (80mg/L), calcium (153mg/L), fluoride and, above all, valuable bicarbonates (1,250mg/L).

Badoit iconic and very aesthetic 750 ml bottle is an ideal companion for fine dining experiences. Recommended by Thierry Marx, one of France's most prestigious chefs, and served in some of the world's most iconic restaurants, Badoit is the perfect way to bring a little art de vivre to your dining table. Add a French touch to your meal!

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