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Ostrich Fillet Steaks


44.50 / Pack

2 X 125g


"All the meat products offered are Halal"

Klein Karoo Ostrich meat is a great choice in today’s health conscious world. Naturally low in fat, rich in protein, highly nutritious,  ‘’the healthiest red meat available”. High iron content of ostrich meat benefits people with an active lifestyle.

The meat is pregrilled for you locking in flavours and making  family meal time fast, easy and delicious. To serve it – add a dash of olive oil to the pan and grill on 2-2.5 minutes on either side. It is important not to overheat or overcook the meat, to avoid a metallic taste coming through form naturally occurring iron. Enjoy with salad or seasonal vegetables

Low in calories– Approximately 100kcal per 100 g meat, lower than chicken or turkey.

Low in fat – Only 1.4 g per 100 g meat

• High in protein – A high 22 g per 100 g meat

• Low in collagen – Most digestible red meat

• A good source of biologically available iron – 3.2 mg per 100 g serving of meat.

KLEIN KAROO ostrich meat is free of hormones and growth stimulants and traceable farm to plate. Birds are humanely raised and cared for.

Frozen Items should be stored at a temperature of minus 18°C or colder.

98% Ostrich Meat,Brine ( Water,Salt,Citrus fibre,Stabilizer,Sodium Citrate,Sodium Carbonate) Preservative ( Sodium lactate, Sodium accetate).

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