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Thai Chilli Paste


13.25 / Pack


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Thai Chilli paste is a rich condiment used in several Thai dishes. Commonly known as 'Nam Prik Pao' in Thailand, it's a spicy and sweet mix of several ingredients including soy, shrimp, chilli, garlic, tamarind, sugar, salt, etc. It is used for stir-frying and is also good to mix with rice or add to spicy Thai salads. This can also be used as a dip for fresh vegetables, crackers and crispy rice cakes.

Store in cool and dry place

Refined Soybean Oil 35%, Light Soy Sauce 28%, Sugar 20%, Textured Soy Protein 5%, Soybean Paste 5%, Tamarind 5%, Shitake 1%, Dried Chilli 1%

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