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Chilli Paste


9.25 / Pack

Holy Basil - 200 g

Vegan produce
Ideal for oriental cooking and stir-fry. Usually added at start and gently fried with meat/seafood. A quick and easy way to add chilli and basil flavour to your cooking! Just add a few teaspoons to any stir-fry or dish and cook.

Directions: for frying with meat or seafood, put 2-3 spoons of paste, stir together until cooked, add other ingredient as required. Chilli Pastes are traditional herbal pastes that are used to give dishes a hot and spicy taste. Chilli Paste and Holy Basil Leaves is made from Thai red chilli peppers, basil leaves of holy basil, soy oil, and spicy garlic. Holy basil originally comes from India and has a pungent flavour that is similar to cloves. The chilli paste is traditionally used for pad kra pao, a Thai dish with minced meat. Chilli Paste & Holy Basil Leaves is also very delicious as a dip for seafood and meat and great for enriching sauces and seasoning wok dishes.

Store in cool and dry place

Holy Basil Leaves 35%, Red Chilli 28%, Soybean Oil 14.89%, Garlic 14%, Salt 7.5%, Flavor Enhancer: Monosodium Glutamate (INS 621) 0.6%, Food colour: Paprika Natural Colour (INS 160c) 0.01%

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