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Thai Curry Paste


13.00 / Pack

Masasman - 400 g

Vegan produce
Pantai presents the well selected ingredients and Thai herbs to serve you in complete aspect of usages from basic ingredients, seasoning, semi-cooking and ready to eat meals. Optimize your food preparation with Pantai cooking ingredients. It goes amazingly well with chicken and prawns as well as green vegetables and is apt for curries, stir-fries and marinades.

Store in cool and dry place

Lemongrass 28%, Shallot 24%, Dried Red Chili 24%, Salt 6.85%, Garlic 5%, Galangal 5%, Coriander Seed 4%, Cumin 2%, Kaffir Lime Peel 1%, Citric Acid(E330) 0.10%, Cinnamon 0.05%,

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