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9.25 / Pack

Sweet Basil - 200 g

Vegan produce
A fragrant, all natural, delicious mix of spicy Thai chilli peppers and sweet basil leaves. The chillies have high heat, so just a tablespoon will really make you sweat, but the heat is balanced by the rich aroma of sweet basil. Use sparingly for lower heat.
Simply spoon this out of the jar into any vegetable or meat stir-fry to create a simple, authentic Thai meal. We like this with seafood (clams, squid, etc.).

Store in cool and dry place

Sweet Basil Leaves 35%, Red Chilli 28%, Soybean Oil 14.89%, Garlic 14%, Salt 7.5%, Flavor Enhancer: Monosodium Glutamate (INS 621) 0.6%, Food colour: Paprika Natural Colour (INS 160c) 0.01%

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