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Red Pepper Pâté


29.75 / Bottle

Mild Roasted - 340g

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AVLONA ‘Roasted Red Pepper Pâtés’ (Mild / Spicy).  These flame-roasted ready-to-eat products serve several functions:  1. as a premium appetizer / dip / مقبلات (a sensational new addition to the family of Arabic appetizers) 2. as a gourmet spread (for sandwiches and wraps), 3. as a fine condiment (for cooked meats and barbeque) 4. As a quick and healthy snack (on bread, crackers, cut vegetable) between meals for children and adults and 4. as an artisanal burger topping

Store in room temperature away from direct sunlight.  Refrigerate after opening

Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Eggplant, Sunflower oil, Salt, Grape vinegar, Sugar, Starch, Chili flakes

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