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Coarse - 1kg

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Coarse sea salt is used mainly for cooking, season dishes or for making meat and fish dishes in a salt crust. It may also be used in a grinder to season dishes on the table.
La Baleine Sea salt is created through the circulation of sea water over large areas known as salt marshes or salt flats. Under the combined action of two renewable forms of energy, the sun and the wind, the water evaporates naturally, and its salt concentration gradually increases to a point of supersaturation. At this stage, the salt is deposited and harvested by man.

Store in a cool and dry place

Sea salt, Potassium iodine: 50.55 to 67.5 mg/kg (30 to 40 mg/kg expressed in iodine)

Description Per 100g/ml Per Serving Measure % NRVper Serving
Sodium 39.3g

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