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Teriyaki Sauce


9.75 / Pack

250 ml

Vegan produce
Teriyaki is originally a Japanese dish and means "grilled" (yaki) and "glaze" (teri). Teriyaki dishes do all have a lovely shiny glaze layer. Healthy Boy Teriyaki Sauce is made from soy sauce and vinegar and is suitable for marinating fish and meat and for a wonderful coating after grilling. The sweet and sour Healthy Boy Teriyaki Sauce is also very delicious as a dipping sauce and goes perfectly well with the aromas of grilled fish and meat.

Store in cool and dry place

 water, soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt, sugar, flavor enhancer: E621, preservative: E211), sugar, brandy vinegar, salt, aroma, color E150c, flavor enhancer: E631, E627, preservative: E211

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