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Low Sugar Soda


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Lemon and Elderflower - 330ml

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Even lemons need company, right? Picked, extracted, distilled and blended with elderflowers into a rush of floral, lemony joy. The elderflowers are from English hedgerows, renowned for growing some of the highest quality elder bushes in Europe.

• 65% less sugar than other soft drinks

• No colourants

• Natural flavours

Made from 5 ingredients:

• Highly carbonated soda water for maximum refreshment.

• A small amount of pure cane sugar to enhance flavour.

• Natural flavours, not synthetics.

• A smidgen of citric acid to balance the flavours and provide more zing.

• Sodium benzoate to preserve the product integrity over the shelf life.

• Non-alcoholic.

keep in a cool dry place, away from sunlight.

Carbonated soda water, Citric acid, Natural flavours, Sodium Benzoate, and only a dash of pure cane sugar to enhance the flavour

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