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Stock Cubes


9.75 / Pack

Garlic & Herb - 6 cubes

Organic produce

The garlic declared, “I’m ever so blue! I’m all on my own, alas it is true.” “Cheer up,” said the carrot, “and hang on a jot. You’ll go ever so well with some herbs from the plot.” The garlic and herbs were friends right on cue, And they went very well in a vegetable stew.

Store in a cool & dry place

Sea salt, maize starch*, palm oil*, garlic powder* (10%), yeast extract, herbs* (1.3%)(lovage*, parsley*, CELERY leaves*, rosemary*, thyme*), spices* (turmeric*, mace*, black pepper*), garlic extract. *Certified organic Allergen Advice: May contain traces of egg, mustard and soya. See ingredients list for allergens.

Description Per 100g/ml Per Serving Measure % NRVper Serving
CARBOHYDRATES Per 100ml 0.6 g
ENERGY Per 100ml 0.7 g
FAT Per 100ml 0.4 g
PROTEIN Per 100ml 0.1 g
Salts Per 100ml 0.9 g
SUGAR Per 100ml 0.2 g

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