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Earl Grey Tea


12.00 / Pack

20 Tea bags

Organic produce
Why Hampstead Teas?

• Fairtrade and/or Demeter certified
• Organic Certified
• Gluten Free
• Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly
• Plastic is something that Hampstead are extremely passionate about. Hampstead were the first Tea manufacturer to introduce staple & glue free tea bags many years ago. They have also removed all plastics from their Loose Leaf Pouch & Tin range and are now offering their Loose Leaf Tea pouches in a new material called NatureFlex TM.

What is NatureFlex TM?
It looks and feels like a plastic material...but it most certainly is not. The material is created from renewable wood pulp and reformed to create the bags that you will see in our Loose Leaf Pouches. Why we love this new material?
• GMO Free
• Home Compostable
• Approved for Marine Biodegradation
• Sourced from Sustainably Managed Trees
• Lower Carbon Footprint

Organic Demeter Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 100g Pouch.
Aromatic, smooth and sophisticated but never overpowering. We use only the true fine oil from the Bergamot fruit to flavour our blend. Biodynamic Darjeeling leaf from India carefully blended with Organic Bergamot Oil from sunny Calabria - Italy.
Plastic-Free packaging with the pouch made from Natureflex biodegradable material.
Use one level teaspoon of tea leaves per person. Brew with freshly boiled water and infuse for up to three minutes. Use lemon with Earl Grey as it complements the bergamot flavours nicely.

Store in cool dry place

Ingredients: Darjeeling Black Tea, Organic Bergamot

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