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Fruit and Veg Wash


45.00 / BOTTLE

Concentrated - 500ml

New Product

Charmm Fruit & Veggie Wash is an all natural and is independently tested with all relevant U.S and U.K approvals. 

Charmm Fruit & Veggie Wash is easy to use and rinses clean, leaving only the fresh taste of healthy fruit and vegetables.


Directions: Simply add 1 or 2 capful to 5 litres of cold water, wash or soak produce thoroughly for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse well and ready to use.

Store it in a cool dry place.

Plantaren, Sucrose Esters, Cocoyl Glutamate (From Coconut, Sweet Corn and Palm Kernel Oil), Trisodium Citrate and Glycerine. All Vegetable Derived. 

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