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Evian Mineral Water


79.00 98.75 / Carton

Still - 24 x 400ml

New Product

Evian introduces its first ever label free, 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, bottle for a sustainable future. The new bottle is a key milestone in Evian’s journey to becoming a ‘fully circular’ brand by 2025 - making all its bottles from 100% recycled plastic*.

 This new stripped back bottle perfectly reflects what’s on the inside. Evian’s uniquely sourced natural mineral water the way nature intended; pure and refreshing and untouched by humans. A 15-year journey through the French Alps gives Evian its naturally low mineralized composition and a distinctive cool, crisp taste.

*Excluding the cap

Evian is one of the few waters in mass distribution that meets the World Health Organization standards for drinking water quality, which states that water should have 200-400 ppm dissolved solids, a pH near 7.0, calcium of 60-80 ppm, and magnesium levels of 20-40 ppm and it is now available in pack of 4 to serve

Store in a cool and dry place

Natural mineral water

Ca: 80 mg/l, Mg: 26 mg/l, Na: 6.5 mg/l, K: 1mg/l, ph: 7.2