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Natural Water Wipes


18.50 / Pack

Organic Grapefruit - 60 wipes

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What it is:

Pure Born 3 ingredient wet wipes are perfect to clean baby’s sensitive skin. Pure Born’s wipes are carefully formulated to protect the environment and children’s sensitive skin.

What it does:

Our Pure wet wipes provide a refreshing scent as we use Organic Grapefruit extract. Grapefruit extract is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, stimulating cell growth and regeneration. It also contains Lycopene which is known to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin.


99% AQUA (WATER) -Children’s skin is up to 70% more absorbent than adults, therefore the main ingredient in our wet wipes is aqua. GENTLE HYPOALLERGENIC FORMULATION- Pure Born use carefully chosen safe ingredients to create a gentle, hypoallergenic formulation which is safe on baby’s sensitive skin. SAFE FOR DAILY USE - Pure Born ensures that our products are safe for daily use.

98.9% Water + Organic Grapefruit extract + food-grade preservative

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