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Natural Water Wipes


18.50 / Pack

Tea Tree + Coconut - 60 wipes

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What it is:

Pure Born 3 ingredient wet wipes are perfect to clean baby’s sensitive skin. Pure Born’s wipes are carefully formulated to protect the environment and children’s sensitive skin.

What it does:

Our 3 ingredient wipes provide a clean scent as we use tea tree oil and a natural preservative, coconut oil. Tea tree oil provides antifungal and antibacterial properties whilst coconut offers a moisturizing effect.


99% AQUA (WATER) -Children’s skin is up to 70% more absorbent than adults, therefore the main ingredient in our wet wipes is aqua. GENTLE HYPOALLERGENIC FORMULATION- Pure Born use carefully chosen safe ingredients to create a gentle, hypoallergenic formulation which is safe on baby’s sensitive skin. SAFE FOR DAILY USE - Pure Born ensures that our products are safe for daily use

99% Aqua (Water) + Tea tree + Coconut preservative

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