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Raspberry - 2 x 125g

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Koko Dairy Free Raspberry is a delicious alternative to yogurt made with freshly pressed coconut milk and fermented with live dairy free yogurt cultures. With perfectly ripe fruit pieces, natural flavours and a silky smooth texture it's full of delicious, tempting fruitiness.
Added calcium + vitamins D2 & B12, Contains live cultures, Dairy, lactose, soya and gluten free, Free from animal fats, Free from GMO's, Free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colourings, Suitable for coeliacs and vegans, Vegetarian Society approved

Keep refrigerated and once opened consume within 5 days

Water,Coconut cream (16.6%), Raspberries(10%), Sugar, Glucose- fructose- syrup, Modified maize starch, Thickener: guargum, pectin; Natural flavouring, Acidity regulator: sodium citrate, Dextrose, Salt,Colour: carotene, carrot concentrate, Calcium phosphate, Vitamin D2,Vitamin B12, Non-dairy yogurt culture (S.Thermophilus, L.Bulgaricus)

Description Per 100g/ml Per Serving Measure % NRVper Serving
Carbohydrates Per 100g 15.8 g
Energy Per 100g 102 Kcal
Fat Per 100g 3.9 g
Protein Per 100g 0.6 g
Salts Per 100g 0.5 g
Saturated Fat Per 100g 0.4 g
Sugar Per 100g 12.2 g

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